Our Brand Identity page provides an in-depth look at our logo design, packaging design, and brand guidelines services. We understand the importance of creating a strong and consistent brand identity, and we work closely with our clients to develop a unique visual language that reflects their values and mission. We have a portfolio of past work and testimonials from satisfied clients to showcase our expertise in this area.

LUNI T PIZZA - Capturing moment of nostalgia

From the moment Luni Tony's Pizza opened its doors 10 years ago, it has been serving up delicious, hand-tossed pies that satisfy even the hungriest of customers. But as time passed, the brand started to feel a bit stale and in need of a refresh. That's where The DG Company came in, bringing a new energy and flair to Luni Tony's with a complete brand overhaul, including a redesigned logo, menu, labeling, and packaging.

Box Fit - Life is Amazing

Introducing BoxFit - a brand that's about to revolutionize the fitness and boxing space! The DG Company was thrilled to help this brand come to life with a sleek and modern brand identity that's designed to stand out from the competition. From custom logos to eye-catching flyers, BoxFit is now ready to train, inspire, and conquer with their cutting-edge app and stylish merchandise.


In a world where wine tasting and painting experiences can be mundane, Cheeseology stood out with a bold vision to offer something truly special. That's why they came to The DG Company – to help bring their vision to life through a brand identity that would set them apart and capture the essence of their unique offerings. With a new logo, brand guide, flyers, and labeling, Cheeseology is now ready to offer an unforgettable experience that combines creativity, passion, and exceptional wine and food.


NVS Soul Food is a true representation of comfort food, but the previous brand lacked the polish necessary to attract more customers. The DG Company was brought on board to enhance the overall look and feel of the brand, resulting in a more appealing and memorable experience for diners.


Uzuri's brand journey has come full circle with the help of The DG Company. From a simple beauty line to a luxurious brand, Uzuri's rebranding has resulted in a polished, sophisticated and quality look that truly stands out in a crowded market.

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